I Am Ned

Australia is now lost to an intelligent species of zombies. For ten years the oppressive regime known as the 'Zombie World Order' has commanded loyalty from its citizens through power and propaganda. People are hunted and harvested like cattle to be fed to the masses.

But hope is not lost for humanity. There is a figure known only to survivors as the man they call 'Ned'. Building his own armour, inspired by the iconic Ned Kelly, he leads a rebellion to return Australia back to the people.

Created by Max Myint.



In an alternate World War One, KITCHENER KEMP desperately fights to get home, destroying along the way the very person he is trying to save.

I turned around this seven-page folio piece in three weeks, which I am pretty proud of.  I feel it's my most engaging comic work to date, which is good because it's my most recent!

It is the opening pages to a multi-issue story written by Nathan King.



A Conan-esque barbarian warrior is thrown forward in time to the end of Earth’s life.  He is found by an artificial intelligence; the last being left on our cold world.  Together, they begin travelling back in time to take the barbarian home to his family and people - but after experiencing so much along the way will he truly belong?

This took me a while to draw, I put a lot of effort into this comic and learned a lot.  It was pretty fun, too.

Written by my friend Thomas Ian Lockwood.

The Man They Call Ned_LR6.png


Donning his own take on the iconic armour of Ned Kelly, one man prepares to unleash his own unique brand of violence against an intelligent species of zombies, in the reality of what Australia has become under their Zombie World Order. It's the zombie version of Planet of the Apes, Rated R, and without mercy!

I increased the level of detail after Chronostalker and found a set of challenges and results.  Lots of fun creating this one!

Written by Max Myint and Yuu Matsuyama.



Bartkira is a community art project in which hundreds of artists from all over the world are collaborating to recreate all six volumes of Akira, replacing all the characters with the cast of the Simpsons.